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“As I am a retired person, we couldn’t afford a hospital indefinitely. Through Life Care, we found a nurse who reduced our troubles by half…it was far less than what a hospital would have cost, and it helped us immensely to get back on our feet. Now, I look after my wife myself, with the assurance that Life Care will assist us whenever required.”

- Varun Kapoor 

“My personal experience with Life Care has been extremely smooth and pleasant. I am impressed by their professionalism – in understanding my specific needs regarding care for my 98-year old father who lives in Delhi, their flexibility in providing the right type of arrangement and their follow-up to ensure satisfactory progress. I particularly like their business model of becoming a one-stop portal for various medical and care-giver services to the elderly, with special focus on NRIs such as myself who live abroad, but need to take care of their aged parents/relatives back home in India.”

 - Murali, Newyork, USA 

“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your team for all the support that Life Care has given us so far. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the agency and the expertise it brings with it. The nurses are well trained, dedicated and extremely caring while looking after my dad – they have been outstanding in this area, and almost blend in with my family."

 -Narinder Khandelwal, Gurgaon

"I booked a walker for my father-in-law from Life Care. Getting a medical equipment on rent is really helpful. That too, I got it home delivered."

   - Mrs Sunita Mishra - Delhi

"My father had a surgery and required regular healthcare services. Life Care has greatly helped him with their in-home healthcare services."

-Renu Singh Gurgaon.

 "I am using Life Care’s home care services for post surgical care. They have professional set up and infrastructure and take good care of the patient at home. I can also rent medical equipment from Life Care which is a great relief "

 -Mohan Kumar Shalimar Bahg -Delhi

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